Client Testimonials


"Jaudon is a lifesaver. She helped me solve lactation problems in the moment, calmly and with smart suggestions and solutions. Jaudon was also very quick to respond when I had painful breastfeeding issues develop. She's been a critical guide during my breastfeeding journey. I'd recommend her to any new moms looking for lactation support." - Jessica S.

"When I first met Jaudon, I was 1 week post partum and My baby was not latching at all. I was pumping and bottle feeding him which was ofcourse very tedious for me. One session with her and everything changed, she helped my baby latch properly and I am successfully breastfeeding my son until now. She also educated me on the basics of breastfeeding which I thought was very helpful. She will also do follow ups with you on phone to make sure everything is going well with the baby. Jaudon has been extremely helpful in resolving all my breastfeeding related issues including improper latch, nipple soreness , engorgement and pain. I definitely recommend her!!" - Dwitiya S.


"To all new moms trying to breastfeed, believe me, I know the struggle and what a challenge breastfeeding can be. I also know that for some it comes easily, but if you’re like me then you are not one of those moms! I kept giving my self small goals because I knew I wanted to give breastfeeding my best shot. I truly could not have succeeded for the past 3 months without the help of Jaudon at Matrescence Lactation. She is the best help you can get, and I was lucky enough to be able to utilize her unique skills by phone all the way to Louisiana! She helped me through the hard times when I felt like a failure as this 'natural' process didn’t always seem so natural at all. She helped me understand what I needed to do to help my baby latch, increase milk production, and make me feel like I wasn’t the only one that struggled with breastfeeding. Jaudon is the positive reinforcement that all moms need, new and old. If you need guidance, Jaudon is the best out there. Good luck to all of the moms out there and remember, if you need help don’t suffer in silence when Jaudon is just a phone call away!" - Anne B.


"Jaudon is wonderful! In the beginning, I had so many questions about Ciara's latch and her weight gain. I wondered if I was doing anything right! Jaudon was supportive and reassuring. She took the time to answer all of my questions. She made sure that I had the knowledge I needed to continue breastfeeding, even when it was difficult. I was able to breastfeed my daughter until just after her 2nd birthday (when we decided to wean and try for baby #3). Not only is she intelligent and helpful, she is also patient, personable, and kind. She will not judge, but give words of encouragement and advice from her education, training, and years of personal experience." -Rebecca P.

"Being a first time mom, I had no clue what I was getting into; however, I KNEW I wanted to breastfeed for as long as possible. Breastfeeding did not come with the ease that many experience for me and my little and it was a battle we fought everyday. The first 48 hours in particular were incredibly difficult, but Jaudon's presence, knowledge, spirit, and accessible attitude helped guide us through! Our next battle came when I returned to work. Unfortunately, I did not respond to the pump and I was desperate to continue breastfeeding! I tried everything under the sun and nothing was helping. Jaudon's patience and kindness reminded me that I wasn't a failure for my daughter being partially breastfed and supplementing with formula. Every time I wanted to give up, I heard her encouragement to find the path that is right for me and my daughter. At 9 months, I decided to stop pumping at work. I was literally squeezing out a total of 2 oz of milk for all four 30 minute pumping sessions! My mom's guilt was setting in and I thought "This is it. This is the end. I am being selfish and my daughter won't receive the benefits of breastfeeding through the first year of life." Jaudon was there again, with empathy and unwavering support. She told me again and again that Josephine and I will find our path and this won't be the end. Sure enough, fast forward to 16 months and she is still breastfeeding on demand and our bond is growing every day. Without Jaudon, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Josephine and I would not have succeeded." - Morgan S.



"My husband and I hired Jaudon for an in-home consultation, which I would recommend if possible. That way, she can see your home setup, find places for you to feed, suggest props (pillows, etc.) you already have, etc. She'll get you and your baby all set up in your own home. But even if you visit her somewhere offsite, Jaudon is a fountain of wisdom when it comes to feeding. She helped us not only find the best physical positions to feed in, she also helped my husband and I get our baby back to birth weight when he had fallen behind, and consistently checked in on us to answer any follow-up questions and make sure everything was going OK. If breast-feeding is a priority for you, I'd highly recommend her services." - Jenny B.

"She is great! She is very attentive and willing to help trouble shoot. I would recommend her for sure!!" - Margo A.