Prenatal Visit


During this visit, Jaudon will provide in-home, personalized breastfeeding preparation.

With many years of experience working as a labor and delivery and postpartum nurse, and hospital-based IBCLC, Jaudon is uniquely qualified to prepare you for the first few days after delivery.  She will educate you on breastfeeding fundamentals and also help you to understand common hospital protocols that often unintentionally interfere with breastfeeding success.  

This visit is recommended at about 34-36 weeks gestation and includes a breast exam and review of medical history.

In-home Lactation Consultation


An in-home lactation consultation includes a detailed review of mother's and baby's history, physical assessment of baby and mother's breasts, feeding observation and assistance, problem solving and care plan.

Jaudon will weigh your baby before and after feeding to assess breast-milk intake.  She will provide detailed education and recommendations to help you meet your breastfeeding goals.

Some things Jaudon is able to help resolve are difficult latch/positioning, slow/no weight gain, nipple/breast pain, history of breast surgery, premature baby, tongue/lip tie, special medical conditions, twins, inverted nipples, returning to work, low milk supply, oversupply, caring for a high-needs baby, mastitis, plugged ducts, and more. 

A follow-up phone call, typically 2-3 days after consultation, is included. Complex cases may require additional in-person follow-up consultations, offered at a discounted rate. 

Phone Consultation


For simple questions and concerns, Jaudon may be able to guide you through a phone consultation.  This should NOT take place of a complete consultation and is only sufficient for providing general education and support.  This call is about 20 minutes. For more in-depth concerns, Jaudon may recommend a complete, in-person consultation. 

Weight Check


Jaudon will come to your home with a medical grade scale to weigh your baby. Must be paid in full at time of booking.

Jaudon is able to accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois PPO and (most) United Healthcare plans upfront; this means no out-of-pocket costs for those with these plans. For those with other insurance plans, a $50 non-refundable deposit must be received in order to schedule the consultation and the remaining balance is due at the time of the consultation.