New Mom Breastfeeding Support Group 

5-week Series

Most mothers agree that breastfeeding can often be challenging, especially during the first weeks and months. Having access to expert support is particularly beneficial and enables mothers to meet their goals. 

This weekly support group series is for both, first and second-time mothers and their babies, with a focus on breastfeeding. Each week Jaudon will address your breastfeeding challenges and provide guidance. You will be able to do pre- and post-feeding weights to assess milk intake. Jaudon will also have a loose topic for the group to discuss each week. 

Some topics include: 
• Engorgement
• Pumping-how, when, and why
• Clogged ducts and mastitis
• Building a freezer stash
• Growth spurts and weight gain
• Sleep patterns
• Introducing bottles and pacifiers
• How to prepare for returning to work 

In addition, other topics relevant to the group will be discussed as they arise. You will be able to form relationships with other breastfeeding mothers and bond over your shared experiences.

The group will meet on Fridays, starting 6/15/18 (no group on 6/22/18) to 7/20/18, from 12:00-1:30pm, at Picnic: A Gathering Spot for Families- 3711 N Ravenswood Ave, Suite 105, Chicago, IL 60613. Fee $100.

To be able to have weekly support from a breastfeeding expert, as well as from your peers, is invaluable. (AND as a special bonus, we will have lots of breastfeeding-related goodies to give you too!) Space is limited; book your spot today!  

Registration is now also open for the next 5-week session, which will begin Friday, August 3!

Quick Help Lactation Hours

Come get expert breastfeeding help in a relaxed, stress-free environment for an ultra affordable price. All moms and babies, at all ages and stages welcome!

Fridays from 10a-11a in Lincoln Park at Roots Family Chiropractic- 2744 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago 60614. Fee $40.

Some topics that can be discussed are latch and positioning, breast/nipple pain, oversupply, how to increase supply, slow weight gain, pumping, growth spurts, fussy baby, spitting up, returning to work, how to build a freezer name it! 

A baby scale will be used to do pre- and post-feeding weight checks to assess breast milk intake. Even if you feel that breastfeeding is going very well, it's recommended to come in and get answers to your lingering questions! RSVP is needed.